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Feeding frenzy: Which food delivery service reigns supreme in Iowa City?

10/10/2014 Little Village

What do you do when you’re hungry and feeling lazy? For some, it’s takeout time. Ordering takeout used to mean (egads!) grabbing a phone book and browsing restaurants manually, but delivery apps and websites have made it possible to order food without even having to make a phone call. There’s more than a few options available, so how do you choose which delivery service to log into?

Most delivery applications and websites are third-party, meaning they work with restaurants to process their transactions in the app or on the web. The company keeps a small percentage of the sale and the restaurant gets the rest of the profits. It’s a simple concept, but with more third-party delivery services becoming available in Iowa City, it’s hard to know which service is the best. LV has broken down a few of the pros and cons of some delivery services in the area:

Eat Street

EatStreet. The IC food app veteran. Originally launched in 2011 in the Iowa City area as ICEats, the website and app allow the user to save their address and credit card information. There are 22 restaurants in Iowa City and Coralville available through the service. Some restaurants available include Breadeaux, Mami’s and Petra Falafel House.



EatStreet offers discounts and coupons exclusive to the service with loyalty rewards for eating at certain restaurants. There’s not many options if you don’t want greek food or pizza, and if a restaurant doesn’t have delivery you have to pick it up yourself.

Order Up

OrderUp is a national service launching in Iowa City on Wednesday, Oct. 15. The app has about 30 restaurants in the area signed up already, with more on the way. The OrderUp app is largely the same as EatStreet in terms of functionality, but has its own team of delivery drivers.

The launch party will take place Oct. 15 at Micky’s Irish Pub from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Attendees can expect some free swag and giveaways. Piggy banks full of cash will also be hidden around the University of Iowa campus and the Ped Mall from Oct. 15 – 19. A few restaurants that will be available through OrderUp include Bluebird Diner, Cactus, Takanami and Which Wich.



With its own team of drivers, OrderUp is able to offer delivery from more restaurants in the area. When you sign up for the service with a promo code, you receive a $5 coupon. The service also offers a greater number and more diverse food options than its competitors. For those who eat at the same places regularly, there’s no discounts for being a loyal customer.

Grub Hub

Grub Hub is the largest national chain of online delivery websites and apps with 700 U.S. and international cities in its docket. Works the same as any other food app or site: type in a location, place an order and voila! Food at your door.



Super convenient ordering through the website or on your phone, as your account stores your address and credit card information. There’s not much that distinguishes Grub Hub from any other delivery app, and there are far less options in the area: a search result for Iowa City turned up only 14 results. The service also relies primarily on restaurants with their own delivery drivers.

Lazy Boy Delivery

Lazy Boy is exclusive to the Iowa City area, delivering food from 16 locations in the Iowa City and Coralville area since 2011. Users call the restaurant directly, place an order for carry out and pay over the phone. Then, users can call Lazy Boy to pick up their food for them for a small delivery fee.



They’re local! There’s no convenient app to store your contact information; all orders must be placed and paid for before you call Lazy Boy to pick it up for you. There’s also a delivery fee for the drivers in addition to the tip.

Food Out On Demand (F.O.O.D.)

F.O.O.D. is an anomaly in the food delivery realm. The service is based in Cedar Rapids, and is also known as ‘Tha Dood’ and sometimes even just D.O.O.D. It’s different from other delivery services in that it’s not limited to food — these guys will deliver anything. Seriously. Need a new bra? Send them over to Victoria’s Secret and they’ll buy one, pick it up and deliver it to you for a $10 delivery fee. Want a pizza while you’re at it? Toilet paper? They’ll get that, too.



The possibilities are endless! They’ll pick up your undergarments, your beer, your takeout and your friends. Good luck ordering online. With a confusing website and no (visible) online ordering system, it seems easier to call them directly to place an order. Also, the $10 delivery fee can seem steep if you’re just calling for something small.
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