"OrderUp is perhaps the most transparent of all the food delivery apps out there today, offering constant and detailed updates from the moment you place your order to the instant it arrives on your doorstep."

-Top8, 2015

OrderUp finds a niche

5/7/2015 The Daily Iowan

OrderUp has expanded its reaches beyond burgers and sushi.

Customers begin by logging in online or on their mobile app. Then, they find the business they want to order from and choose something to order before waiting for OrderUp’s delivery drivers to pick up the orders and bring it to the customer’s door.

In addition to local restaurants that paired up with OrderUp — a food ordering and delivery service — one local business decided to offer other items to customers as well.

The Den, 123 E. Washington St., has worked with OrderUp for about three weeks, supervisor Craig Spencer said.

Along with candy bars, soda, chips and other snacks, the Den offers toiletry items such as deodorant, razors, condoms, gum, and over-the-counter medicines via its online partnership with OrderUp.

This type of toiletry delivery is unique to OrderUp in Iowa City.

Also from the Den, students can now get a “finals pack” of snacks delivered to them thanks to Order Up drivers.

The Study Break special opened for customers to order online on Wednesday and has had one order as of that date.

The Study Break special is $12.95 before sales tax and delivery fees. It includes a 12 oz. Red Bull, a 20 oz. bottled drink, a candy bar, a bag of chips, a Cliff Bar, and a pack of gum, all to the customer’s choosing.

“[OrderUp is] not a big part of our business, but it’s just another thing we can offer to our customers,” Spencer said.

Since the Baltimore-based business was brought to Iowa last October, more local businesses have joined the system.

Adam Weeks, the general manager of OrderUp, said its goal was to start inward and expand as time went on.

“We partner with restaurants that want to find new customers, generate more orders, and generate larger ticket averages,” he said in an email. “Restaurants also use OrderUp to maintain customer loyalty. Previously, their customers could only dine in or take out, but they can now enjoy the same food while at home, in the office, or in their dorm.”

In Iowa City specifically, OrderUp executives said their service offers a variety of options for locals.

Marc Schultz, area manager of Which Wich, 23 S. Dubuque St., said OrderUp helped their business stay busy during the recent colder months.

“Working with OrderUp has helped drive sales during the winter months and inclement weather when people want to stay home and we typically see less foot traffic,” he said.

One other business, Hamburg Inn, 214 N. Linn St., benefits from the service as well.

Hamburg Inn owner Dave Panther said he had experience working with other delivery services since he bought the restaurant in 1979.

He said those experiences weren’t all positive, but since his business has worked with OrderUp, he hasn’t faced similar issues.

“These guys seem to be more efficient and more professional, and we do get paid regularly,” Panther said. “As far as I know, they’re doing a good job.”

One benefit of having OrderUp work with Hamburg Inn, he said, is the trade off between customers enjoying the food and the restaurant not needing to hire drivers.

“For us, I don’t need to hire drivers or buy vehicles or deal with vehicle insurance and liability,” he said. “It would be better to go with them than doing it on our own.”

Though the there is not a major increase of profit for Hamburg Inn because of OrderUp, Panther said the partnership brings in customers they might not have had otherwise.

“It’s like advertising,” he said. “We’re making less on it, but we’re also not paying for drivers or vehicles. It’s business we wouldn’t have had for the people who want it delivered.”

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