"OrderUp is perhaps the most transparent of all the food delivery apps out there today, offering constant and detailed updates from the moment you place your order to the instant it arrives on your doorstep."

-Top8, 2015

OrderUp Denver joins food delivery competition

5/4/2015 The Denver Post

Two young entrepreneurs are celebrating their success in the competitive food delivery business. They’ve just rebranded their company as OrderUp Denver, connecting to a national brand that’s growing quickly across the country.

Mike Rolland, 28, and his brother Dan Rolland, 26, celebrated with a party at Mile High Spirits.

“It’s something new and exciting to party about,” said Dan.

Now they have access to OrderUp’s latest technology for ordering food online from restaurants — the company just rolled out a new app for the Apple Watch, which means you can track its real-time delivery with a quick glance at your wrist.

To use the service, go online to orderup.com. Put in your address, and a list of all available restaurants pops up. Those marked with the red-car icon have the new tracking technology. There is no surge pricing. There is a 95 cent processing fee and a delivery fee that varies according to restaurant, but is never more than $4.99.

Mike met OrderUp’s co-founder and CEO, Chris Jeffery, back when he was a college student, starting a food delivery service at Indiana University in 2005. Dan, watching his brother’s success, started his own food delivery website, Hungry Buffs, when he was a freshman at University of Colorado in Boulder.

They tapped their connection with Jeffery, who started OrderUp in 2009, to gain technological help, and two years later Mike moved to Colorado to work with Dan in launching MileHighMenus, which is now OrderUp Denver.

In metro Denver, the brothers say their biggest competitors are GrubHub, Eat 24, and Uber — and their biggest rush hour is dinner.

“Singles, couples, young families – they’re our bread and butter,” said Mike.

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