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-Top8, 2015

OrderUp is on the Apple Watch

5/20/2015 Technical.ly Baltimore

Want to be able to check your watch to see where your food is? With the release of the Apple Watch, OrderUp is making that happen.

The Baltimore-based company that connects brick-and-mortar restaurants with people who don’t want to leave their house to visit said establishments released the first version of its Apple Watch app when the new device was launched.

The app shows OrderUp’s delivery tracker on the Apple Watch. OrderUp drivers check in during their deliveries, and the company’s system uses GPS to show customers how close they are to noms.

OrderUp Director of Product Flip Sasser said he and two other devs worked on nights and weekends over a month to develop the app. He said it was important for the company to be on the Apple Watch early to “put a flag up in front of competition.”

OrderUp and other companies who worked on an AppleWatch app before the device’s release faced a common problem: They didn’t have access to the hardware for which they were building.

With the thrill of seeing a presence on the Apple Watch, the first generation of apps offer a way to “delight users for any company,” Sasser said, but he added that they are “almost entirely about consumption,” referring to the app’s read-only functionality.

“Everyone who put out a first version … suffered from same challenge which was not knowing how to get content back into the apps,” Sasser said.

Going forward, the OrderUp team will work to add features that allow users to input information. Right now, they’re working on a way to allow people to reorder items, and Sasser envisions more features in the future.

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