"OrderUp is perhaps the most transparent of all the food delivery apps out there today, offering constant and detailed updates from the moment you place your order to the instant it arrives on your doorstep."

-Top8, 2015

OrderUp Denver Changes the Food Delivery Game

June 2015 Dining Out, Denver & Boulde

Formerly known as “Mile High Menus,” OrderUp Denver gives you zero excuses to not order food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The online ordering system and app also operates in Boulder as “Hungry Buffs.” It’s just one branch of OrderUp that is sweeping ravenous Americans off their feet with an easy-to-use, super speedy, and very affordable food delivery service.

While OrderUp has been around since 2009, a number of new features make it better than ever. We chatted with OrderUp Denver and Boulder Co-Owner Mike Rolland–who’s been running the company since his college days–to learn more about this sassy service. Here are seven reasons why we love OrderUp and suspect you may want to download the app faster than you can say pepperoni pizza:

  1. 1. A whole new world of restaurants. OrderUp grants you access to delivery from restaurants who never before ventured into delivery territory, as well as those who always have.
  2. 2. $4.99–that’s it. You will never pay more than $4.99 for delivery through OrderUp. Some restaurants that offer their own delivery instead of using OrderUp’s drivers even do it for less than that. Tipping is up to you, but Rolland informed us that more OrderUp Denver drivers more consistently receive tips than any other OrderUp city in America! Give yourselves a pat on the back, generous Denver food-lovers.
  3. 3. It’s spreading like mayo on a sandwich. Right now, you can use OrderUp in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland. OrderUp is also spreading to Denver’s surrounding suburbs, including Broomfield, Arvada, Greenwood Village, and, most recently Denver Tech Center. “We’re going to be in every suburb in the next year and a half,” says Rolland, who’s made it his goal to have OrderUp available statewide.
  4. 4. Everyone else is doing it! Denver already has over 20,000 users, while Boulder–which launched earlier–has upwards of 50,000 users. Over 150 restaurants in Denver are on OrderUp–Rolland estimates 25-30-percent of metro area spots. In Boulder, he estimates that 95-percent of restaurants are on OrderUp.
  5. 5. An Egg McMuffin or Foie Gras. While OrderUp’s most common orders are–not surprisingly–pizza, wings, and Chinese food–the delivery service offers everything from fast food like McDonald’s, to fast casual like Native Foods Cafe, to fro-yo (yup!), to fine dining fare like DiFranco’s, to sushi–Hapa Sushi is one of the most popular restaurants.
  6. 6. Stalk your food. Hangry? Ordering food for an event? Instead of wondering where the heck your delivery guy is, you can actually track your order in live time to pinpoint precise whereabouts. You can even sign up for text updates to stay on top of your lunch situation.
  7. 7. Fun for everyone. Ever ordered takeout with more than three people? Be they family, friends, or coworkers, group ordering gets pretty complicated to keep track of. OrderUp makes it easy with a group ordering feature that allows you to send an alert out to every hungry individual in your party so they can add their own items. Order ahead (e.g. I need 10 sandwiches next Friday at 2pm!) is also launching next week, and split checks will be a thing later in the summer.
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