"OrderUp is perhaps the most transparent of all the food delivery apps out there today, offering constant and detailed updates from the moment you place your order to the instant it arrives on your doorstep."

-Top8, 2015

Dining by Delivery

01/06/2016 City Beat

Not leaving bed is a pretty satisfying response to surviving a Cincinnati winter, but, like anything else, hibernating is even better when food is involved. Not all of us have someone kind enough to bring us breakfast (or dinner) in bed, but fortunately most of us have something called the Internet. Hop online and find local food delivery services like 53T Courier and national chains like OrderUp, which can bring the best of Cincinnati to your doorstep. All sorts of crave-worthy foods are now a click away — or an app or phone call away, depending on the service. Warning: These services are currently mostly aimed at those who live within the city center. For those who live too far out, there’s always pizza delivery.

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