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Amazon vs. OrderUp: Which food delivery service is faster?

12/07/2015 Baltimore Business Journal

With the announcement that Amazon was bringing its food delivery service as part of PrimeNow to Baltimore on Thursday, there were suddenly two new options for food delivery in the city.

OrderUp Inc. has been around the area for years and has expanded so much to the point that it was bought over the summer by Groupon Inc.

Amazon, well, it's Amazon. It's revolutionizing the delivery world with its one-hour service and push for drone deliveries. It is likely to have an impact on food delivery, too.

So which service is the best option? The BBJ was determined to find out.

I took up the arduous task of ordering and eating grilled cheese Friday to find out which service could bring lunch the fastest.

To make things fair, I ordered the same exact thing from Cheese Galore & More through both services at close to the same exact time.

The first hangup in this experiment was Amazon PrimeNow's delivery restriction. In order to place any order on Amazon's app, I had to hit a $20 limit (this appeared to be the case with every restaurant). Many of OrderUp's restaurants have a delivery limit, but for Cheese Galore & More it was just $6.

At Cheese Galore, each sandwich was hardly more than $5 on its own, so hitting the $20 mark was pretty difficult. In the end, I ordered the same three sandwiches from Amazon and OrderUp. I placed my OrderUp order at 12:04 p.m., and the Amazon order at 12:05.

The first thing that seemed strange to me was a difference in price. On two of the sandwiches I added an extra meat. On OrderUp, that cost an extra $2, but through Amazon, it cost me $2.25 each.

However, delivery through Amazon was free, while OrderUp charged a delivery fee of $3.99. In all, OrderUp's total was $29.82, while Amazon's was $27.24.

The free delivery through Amazon certainly seems like it would be a cost-saver. But if you're only ordering for one person and can't break the $20 minimum for ordering, it doesn't help much. There's also the fact that to be able to order through Amazon, you need a Prime subscription that costs $99 a year.

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